Start is a mobile app that lets art professionals connect with general public in order to break the barrier of apprehension and preconceived ideas about the art market. They can communicate about their gallery, their exhibitions, their events. The tool doesn't have a commercial aim but an educational aim: to bring together customers and professionals of the art market, by making knowledge about art accessible to all, in a playful way.

The design of this application was realized in one week as part of a school project. This project is fictional and any resemblance to a real brand or business concept is coincidental.
The application offers three main distinct parts: "Home" is the homepage that allows you to find artistic inspiration by browsing art gallery exhibitions, specific themes or specific artists. It is more or less a Pinterest of art with personalized recommendations. "Discover" allows you to learn about art through short, easy-to-read daily focuses. Finally, "Events" allows you to find art-related events around you.
Grid of screenshots of the application
Paul Faivret
Academic project
École Supérieure du Digital
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