In 2021, I proposed to MetaCell's founders to redesign the entire visual identity of the brand. This is not a change just for the sake of change. We knew how much of an effort it would take to launch this project: redesigning all the marketing visuals, the website, the presentations, the products, and more.

But this change was necessary on several levels: until now, the company's design was based on isometric illustrations that were difficult to produce in-house, but too easy to find in illustration banks. This had the consequence of taking away our own identity. In addition, there was no direct link between brand design and product design, while the company was in transition to a primary focus on the product. It was therefore also necessary to think of our products in close connection with our brand.

I led the whole project on my own as lead designer for the company, from the first logo research to the final publication of the website.
MetaCell Cloud
In 2022, we are introducing our four new products. For these four products, we had to create their respective logos in accordance with the new visual identity.
Cloud Hosting, an online product providing advanced cloud computing solutions. Cloud Workspaces, a product that provides computational notebooks for data science. Cloud Health, a product that enables clinical patient monitoring to facilitate and improve care. Cloud Pharma, a product that facilitates and accelerates drug discovery through data analysis.
The website is declined around a colorimetric system: the products and solutions pages adopt a light theme while the services pages adopt a dark theme.

The priority was to reorganize the content around three main sections: products, solutions and services, and in fact, the new home page serves as a summary of these three offerings. The goal was to create a clear, accessible and easy-to-use site, while adding subtle animations and interactions to make navigation more enjoyable. Before the implementation, there was thorough research into the design of the new site. There were dozens of attempts, failures, doubts, glimmers of hope, aha moments, delight.
Grid of custom icons for MetaCell website
Since we wanted to create a surprising site, and not just a corporate site, we decided to create a subtle animation at the entrance to the site. This way, the home page is equipped with a fine and subtle animation that represents the creation of software tools. Technically, it is a lottiefile created from an After Effects animation, itself created on the basis of an illustration made on Figma. The lottiefile is added as an SVG animation on Webflow.
Marketing materials
The visuals on social networks integrate the new identity through simple shapes with fine lines, blurs and shadows. Special attention is paid to texts and important information elements.

Finally, in order to quickly present what the company is capable of, we decided to make a showreel. There were 3 main constraints for this showreel: a maximum duration of one minute, not to link the projects too quickly in order to understand what is going on, and to highlight our attention to details.
Custom brand visual for Twitter marketingCustom brand visual for Twitter marketingCustom brand visual for Twitter marketingCustom brand visual for Twitter marketing
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